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We create and improve web & mobile products that make life easier.

Our team is committed to making a positive impact for our clients, their users, and our community.

What matters to you matters to us.

Let’s rely on smart product strategy, transparency, clear communication, and superior technology to realize your goals and give your users what they really need, even if they don’t know it yet.

Product Strategy
Product Strategy

For us, Strategy is a blend of business acumen, analytics, customer experience, technology, and design. Through these aspects and our experience, we leverage these insights to build the right product for your customer.

Product Design
Product Design

We put people at the forefront when designing. Leveraging our strategy work, together we co-create an experience that delights end-users. Through solid product, we drive measurable impact to your business.


Always improving, our engineering practice is driven from the world’s best practices. Crafted with love and care, we engineer for growth, scale, and maintainability.

Support & Improve
Support & Improve

We are motivated by our clients growth and success. Through Nolte Care we are able to play an integral part of that growth through product ownership and accountability.

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Slow Running Animations in Safari

I came across this problem whilst working on this CSS-only continuous ticker slider. It stumped me for a while and I couldn’t find any good information online, so I hope this is helpful. The Problem Checkout the animations below: You can see the Safari version (on the right) runs much slower than specified in the…

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A Continuous Image Ticker Built With Pure CSS

When working on a continuous image ticker slider for a new project I was surprised to find no JavaScript slider libraries which support this feature. After some back and forth with my designer on some alternatives, I decided to implement it as designed. In fact, it’s possible to do with pure CSS if you know…

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