About Us

Creating Positive Impact with The Nolte Way

Nolte launches and supports digital products—everything from websites and apps to services and business tools. We are a diverse, growth-focused, and committed group who use our passions as fuel for our careers.

Nolte’s Core Competencies

Product Strategy
Product Strategy

For us, Strategy is a blend of business acumen, analytics, customer experience, technology, and design. Through these aspects and our experience, we leverage these insights to build the right product for your customer.

Product Design
Product Design

We put people at the forefront when designing. Leveraging our strategy work, together we co-create an experience that delights end-users. Through solid product, we drive measurable impact to your business.


Always improving, our engineering practice is driven from the world’s best practices. Crafted with love and care, we engineer for growth, scale, and maintainability.

Support & Improve
Support & Improve

We are motivated by our clients growth and success. Through Nolte Care we are able to play an integral part of that growth through product ownership and accountability.

Meet The Nolteños

We’re veterans of our disciplines and crafts. We’re here to make the process painless for clients. And we’re going to leave our mark in form of positive impact along the way.




Works tirelessly to make the world better through technology and design. Passionate about people, culture, product development, and agile practices.


Co-Founder & COO

Blends technical and people skills. Oversees Nolte’s operations and puts 18+ years of engineering experience to work improving Nolte and caring for our team and clients.

Marketing & Culture


Lead Marketer

Pulls from his deep experience in sales, marketing, and product management to ensure that the right people know about Nolte and that Nolteños become thought leaders. Little Known Fact: Modeled for United Colors of Benetton Mexico for extra cash while in uni. Guilty Pleasure: I love authentic Enchiladas Verdes from Los Bisquets Obregón in México City. 🤤


Business Development

Drives communication for clients in Mexico and the U.S. and works closely with various teams within Nolte. Dialed in on all things sales enablement, automation, and account management. Impressive Achievement: Once ate 13 burger sliders as part of MarkBurger’s Slider Record Challenge. Sound track: 70s and 80s classic rock.


People & Culture Manager

Oversees everything from recruitment and hiring to onboarding and career development. Cares deeply about diversity and inclusion. Works to make work healthy for all Nolteños. Reading List: Feminist philosophy and Argentinian history. Comfort Food: Taquitos and Argentinian asado.

Product Design


Lead Product Designer

Ensures that Nolte’s designs and products make a positive impact for clients and users alike. Keeps up with design and engineering trends so that “The Nolte Way” is continuously improved. On the Weekends: RPG and adventure games. Favorite Book: Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson.


Product Designer

Works in tandem with Ben to push the limits of product design. Motivated by the challenges users face and uses Nolte as a platform to deliver positive experiences. Weird Talents: Fire performance and calisthenics. Little Known Fact: Won Third Place in a rock band contest.

Product Management


Lead Product Manager

Owns the product management piece of The Nolte Way. Earned his MBA. Works closely with Nolte’s clients to ensure their vision shines through the products we create. Impressive Achievement: Ran a half marathon. Sound Track: Mexican Folk music like Son Jarocho.


Product Manager

Leverages her education in Management Information Systems and product and project management skills to execute Nolte’s projects on time and on budget. Delivers value to Nolte’s clients and end-users daily. Little Known Fact: Played professional soccer in Venezuela. Bucket List Trip: Visited Australia.


Product Manager

Pulls from his background in software engineering and passion for technology to create solutions. Combines strategy, design, and engineering to solve important problems. Weird Talent: Identifying unaligned or crooked items. Favorite Book: Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes.

Product Engineering


Product Engineer

Drives the engineering piece of The Nolte Way. Famed for architecting the Mexico City website and introducing automated testing to the Mexico government. On the Weekends: Playing classic rock songs on his Telecaster. Favorite Food: Tlacoyos con habas, requesón y guacamole. 😌


Product Engineer

Specializes in React Native and WordPress. Graduated from Web Development Bootcamp at Ironhack (one of the world’s top programs) and received a 1st place at the final hack show. Past Lives: Worked as an art museum curator and managing editor of Georgetown University’s newspaper. Mad Skills: Instagramming while rollerblading.


Product Engineer

Brings a growth mindset and appetite for learning to her work as a software engineer. Conversant with a wide range of technologies, including Java and JavaScript. Perfect Evening: Watching a FC Bayern Munich match and eating tacos al pastor. Favorite Book: Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard.


Product Engineer

Specializes in software engineering and web technologies. Has over ten years of experience and offers expert advice for WP code and expert guidance for many of Nolte’s most complex applications. Bragging Rights: Has completed nearly all Zelda games. Sound Track: Power Metal.


Product Engineer

Draws from extensive design, animation, and videography knowledge to architect intuitive front-end web experiences. Graduated from Iron Hack after making a brave leap to a new career. Bragging Rights: Won First Place in a barista contest. Little Known Fact: Has visited 17 countries and all 7 continents but can get lost in a hospital.


Product Engineer

Puts his heart into every product he creates. Guides products and Nolteños along the right path by relying on empathy and clear communication, as well as deep expertise in WordPress, marketing, project management, and engineering. Bragging Rights: Recorded 2 EPs with his former band, King Coyote. Required Reading: Zoro by Jairo Anibal Niño


Product Engineer

Relies on his experiences in other fields to enrich his career as a software engineer. Has a diverse background in product development, computer science, chemistry, and even a tenure as a professor at Tecnologico de Monterrey.


Product Engineer

Supports her Nolteño teammates with a broad base of software engineering skills. Famed for creating Nolte’s famed Lightning Talks app. Passionate about community, diversity, and the Django Events Foundation of North America. Hobby: Juggling. Latest Favorite Novel: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Zafón


Quality Assurance Lead

Empowers Nolteños and helps them deliver the highest quality of products, thanks to 10+ years of quality assurance experience. Has a B.S. in Computer Systems Engineer. Detail oriented and objective driven. Weird Talent: Can remember what he has seen down to the tiniest detail and forget everything he has heard. Bragging Rights: Has visited 26 countries.

Nolte Care


Nolte Care Lead

Oversees Nolte Care’s clients and products. Clarifies and executes the strategic direction of this critical aspect of Nolte’s business. Brings deep expertise in Customer Support, DevOps, Engineering, and Networking to provide truly excellent product support. Hobby: Painting graffiti murals. Required Reading: Plato’s Republic.


Product Manager

Plays a critical role in the maintenance, growth, and success of Nolte Care’s managed products. Unusually thoughtful, analytical, and strategic. Always on the lookout for opportunities to improve clients’ products. Has impressive knowledge of the technologies Nolte supports.


Product Engineer

Acts as a go-between for front-end and back-end engineering to provide seamless support for clients’ products. Significant knowledge of SEO and SEM reinforce his engineering skills and 8+ years of experience. On the Weekends: Watches sci-fi and horror films. Comfort Foods: Hamburgers and pambazos.

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Our Values

Building products and people requires lots of energy and focus. These lighthouses help Nolteños avoid shipwreck
People First
People First
Deliver Value
Deliver Value
Embrace Agility
Embrace Agility
Help Others Grow
Help Others Grow
Connected as Uno
Connected as Uno

Clients We Love

We measure success in long-term relationships, and we feel privileged to collaborate with brands like these

Logo of HBO
Logo of Toyota car manufacturer
Logo of Ajax
Logo of Amstel brewing company
Logo of Perrier natural bottled mineral water
Logo of Caleb Kola
Logo of Amtrak National Railroad Passenger Corporation
Logo of Modern Spaces real estate company of New York
Logo of Sushi Samba restaurant
Logo of Montauk Juice Factory
Logo of Netjets private business jet charter

Logo of Patch U.S. news and information platform

Need a partner to create or improve your product?

Partner with Nolte to realize the potential positive impact your product can create.