Our Team

We're veterans of our crafts, and here to make the process painless.

Jeffrey Nolte
CEO & founder

Has played every role within product life cycles. Still inspired by how tech helps businesses grow.

Adam Fenton
Co-founder & COO

Producing incredible digital experiences for users, whilst sipping a cup of black tea.

Danko Tantegl
Lead Product Designer

Amazed at tools that make carving out ideas possible. Can’t get enough of moving pixels around.

German Palacios
Lead Product Manager

Product Manager expert with 2 goals: help clients succeed and rule over the digital world.

Joshua Jenks
Nolte Care Manager

Tirelessly at work to improve the client care process. He loves working with WordPress and improving your site's performance.

Oscar Arzola
Lead Product Engineer

Eclectic engineer that loves to build apps in a friendly and intuitive way. S.O.L.I.D. coder. Enjoying songs written on ♪ Cm

Assad Aboultaif
Product Manager

Avid learner, determined to deliver high quality digital products.

Jessica Torres
Product Manager

Proud Venezuelan who loves the idea of improving lives with technology. Obsessed with soccer and traveling.

Daniel Lopez
Product Engineer

JavaScript lover, excited about new technologies. Loves skateboarding and music.

Francisco Giraldo

Full-stack web engineer from Colombia, easily found in any Juan Valdez Café with his headset on.

Katia Lira

Full-stack web engineer. Can be found writing code, reading sci-fi, eating tacos de pastor or petting dogs.

Nelson Amaya
Product Engineer

Full-stack web engineer from Colombia who loves metal music, good food, and traveling with his wife and dogs.

Benjamin Balderas
Product Designer

UX Designer passionate about delighting in the tiniest details. Loves retro video games and a good beer.

Gabriela Suarez
People Manager

Passionate porteña working on one of the biggest challenges: People!

Our Process

From ideation to post-launch, Nolte ensures a clear path to your success. We commit to open lines of communication and a proven workflow. The result is a product that works just as hard as you do.

Discover & Plan

Solid strategy and planning at the beginning of a project saves you time and money. That’s why we start by learning about your business and determining your present and future goals. Once we understand what you want, and more importantly what you need, we recommend the digital tools that will bring long-term growth to your business.

Design & Develop

It’s the synergy between design and development that creates a successful digital product. At Nolte, we have expertise in both. We work directly with your team to ensure the process is streamlined. The result is a seamless integration with clear communication every step of the way.

Sustain & Grow

Maintenance is a vital part of any digital product’s life cycle. Once it’s live, Nolte will monitor, support, and update your product. We deliver a sustainable digital solution for your business. The result is the right product for right now, built with growth in mind, and a partner to support that growth.

Our Services

Our domain expertise spans all verticals of product strategy, design, development, and support. We believe that a poor product is the result of poor communication. With communication and collaboration as a core value, we’ve taken a multidisciplinary approach to ensure project and product success.

UX & Strategy

We conduct research to drive product innovation and work to bridge the gap between business objectives and user experiences.

UI Design

Our design team creates intuitive interfaces, experiences, and interactions that relate to our client’s brand and the end product.


The development team brings those designs to life. We conduct complete quality assurance before moving to production.


That’s not where we leave you! Post-product launch, we monitor key performance indicators and takeaways for future product iterations.

Trusted by the best

We've worked with organizations of all sizes, from scrappy three-person startups to international Fortune 500 enterprise level tour de forces. Either way, Nolte's commitment remains the same.

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