Nolte Care

Nolte Care

Worrying about all of the complexities of your website should be the last of your concerns. With over nine years of supporting clients, we have found the perfect solution for ensuring optimal site performance, uptime and security. Simply put, you can rest assured that your application is in the best hands. We help you get the most out of your website, allowing you the time you deserve to run your business.






The Hosting

Every application that is supported by Nolte is setup on our dedicated server environment. Our servers are specifically configured for high-performance and scalability. In addition to a WordPress optimized hosting environment, we also provide daily, weekly, monthly, and snapshot backups.

99% Uptime

This is a core part of our agreement. We know that it is imperative for your site to be operational at all times. We take all precautions to ensure that your site is always in working order. In the unusual event that your site goes down, our team is alerted immediately. We respond instantaneously to remedy the issue and get your site back up.

Site Backups

Backups are taken on a snapshot, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Ensuring your site is backed up often is extremely important. There are many factors that can cause issues on the server, database, as well as, on the application level. In order to have restore points, in the event that an issue occurs, our server configuration has been setup to take backups as often as possible.

Server Configuration

This is to ensure that there are two environments to review changes, updates, bug fixes, etc. We configure a staging and development environment, as well as a production environment. This allows a safe environment for review of all changes before they are deployed to the production environment.

The Support and Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your website running like a well-oiled machine, hosting your website is only part of the equation. The below outlines a large portion of our support and maintenance details.


WordPress Core and Plugins are updated and tested on a weekly basis. When using open source software, it is highly recommended to stay up-to-date with plugin and core application updates. This process ensures that you are taking full advantage of the latest updates and that your site remains secure.

Version Control

Git is used on every site from day one. The simplest way to understand version control, is to view it as a database / timeline of all code that is written on your site. This is important as it indexes every change made to source code on the site and allows availability for future access.

Support / Ticketing

We have a ticketing system that is used for all issues that may arise on the site. If an issue does arise, this gives our support team immediate visibility, allowing them the ability to respond ASAP.

Antivirus Protection

Nolte maintains an agency partnership with Sucuri – the authority in all matters related to website security. In addition to Firewall support, we configure all of our supported sites to have both application and server side monitoring.

Service Monitoring

To ensure optimal usability, your site must connect to external services for upkeep. Nolte Support connects to the services your site relies upon; and in the event of an issue, we’re alerted immediately. All issues are addressed at no charge. We monitor uptime, search indexing (Google), and application performance.


We issue guaranteed response times as a part of this plan. This confirms that in the unusual event an issue occurs, we are there to respond immediately. Having our team on-call when an issue arises is the best way to guarantee consistent performance and uptime.

Monthly Reports

On a monthly basis, Nolte will send a summarized report to key members of your team. This gives you and your team a clear picture of what has been completed for the month. This includes updates to WordPress, plugins and additional meta information.

Software Licenses

We possess developer software licenses to many of the premium plugins that we employ on the sites we build. Depending on the plugins your site employs, this could equal between $20 – $100 in savings per month.

How it works

Our system is pretty simple. The below outlines the process and how you and your are team are included, every step of the way.


On a weekly basis, updates are applied to a staging and development environment for review. Upon each Monday, once the updates are applied, Nolte notifies the key members of your team. Once we receive your approval, we then deploy the updates to your live site.


Monthly reports are sent to your team via email. These emails include an outline of precisely what was updated, and when. We also provide support for any bug fixes that may be caused as a result of an update or feature requests. These requests are billed hourly and sent in an itemized invoice at the end of each month.


If an issue happens to arise on your site, Nolte's support team is instantly notified by chat, text message, and email. If the issue is critical, it automatically escalates to highest priority and is addressed immediately. At Nolte we believe in transparency; so in the seldom event an issue does occur, you will be notified.

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