Amtrak / Website Case Study


Amtrak / Web App

Community storytelling of a national transportation brand

Nolte partnered with Amtrak to create a hub for travelers to view and share stories of their travels, which in turn exposed the benefits of Amtrak as a means of transport.


Nolte partnered with Amtrak & UWG to create a hub that would centralize and support several previously existing content hubs. The aim was not only to create a place for content to be viewed and shared, but also to showcase all of the possibilities that one has to travel and see the US by using Amtrak as a means of transportation.


Amtrak’s focus was to bring the travelling community together to a centralized hub where members could also share their stories. As a secondary objective, Amtrak wanted to highlight the opportunity to discover and explore over 500 destinations in the US.


We worked closely with the UWG team and the Amtrak team to ensure overall success on the project. We spent time reviewing all assets that would be used on the project including the Amtrak routes, content, and promotional sales materials. Overall the project spanned four months, with weekly reviews held among all stakeholders.

Discovery & Strategy

The project had various challenges such as merging several different blogs that housed content tailored to distinct personas. It was important that the site presented the Amtrak train routes in a way that correlated directly with the site content and also enticed users to travel the country with Amtrak. We worked through several different concepts during the user experience design phase; we tied together content to interactive maps and built a ticketing module to drive the travel experience.

The Solution

The end solution unified all aspects in an easy-to-manage platform powered by WordPress and whose data is housed by Amtrak. A seamless and engaging user experience was key to the end solution both for the administrative and end users. The application provided a tool for the Amtrak team to showcase premium content, sell tickets, and increase brand and service awareness.

The Implementation

Behind the scenes, we used a couple of different methodologies to ensure our solution was sustainable and scalable. We leveraged the atomic design methodology from a design and development perspective to keep the process and language cohesive. The application is powered by WordPress coupled with React modules to handle some front-end functionality. We handled custom implementation of Amtrak data and modules to keep the experience consistent onsite.

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