LitPix / iOS & Web App Case Study

LitPix / iOS & Web App

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We’ve partnered with LitPix to help bring digital photos to life in a new way.


LitPix is a beautiful, handcrafted wooden sculpture that, through LED, backlights photos printed from your phone using our simple iOS & website.


LitPix needed to enable consumers to create and customize their own LitPix lightbox via mobile and web. It was also important that they would be able to visualize the end product before receiving it. Nolte developed the digital assets while LitPix built physical prototypes and then the actual product.


There are a few simple steps to follow while creating box designs which can make every space in your home or office look more beautiful.


It began in late 2016. Nolte, along with Litpix’s marketing and research teams, mapped out the user experience to ensure the solution aligned with consumer and client expectations. In total, every phase of the project - strategy, design, development, and testing - took about six months to complete.


During the discovery and strategy phase, we determined that the best way to bring LitPix into the hands of consumers is to meet them where they take and store their photos, i.e. the phone.. While LitPix’s vision is to reimagine the environment where digital photos exist, it became evident that technology was needed to play a critical role in the purchasing experience.


The insights and validation we gathered in our research allowed our teams to conclude that a custom web and mobile experience was a better way to deliver LitPix than that of a traditional e-commerce site. The user experience simulated how customers would purchase a LitPix if they were in a physical location. Customers can choose their own image and box to showcase what the actual product would look like before deciding to complete the checkout.


Since LitPix is a Kickstarter project, we wanted to back the Kickstarter launch with the web and mobile launch. We are powering the application from a centralized database while an Angular web application consumes the API and handles all the presentation for web. We went with a native iOS application for mobile based on the device usage trends of the target consumer.


Following the brand style we kept the clean appearance with white space in order for user to focus on specific details on each screen or flow.


Stroked simple icon styles follow the simplicity of the brand and other UI elements.


Athelas and Oswald typographys are used across app and website. By pairing those two we gained interesting contrast in type styles.


The video shows the process of the LitPix box being made, the overall idea and author behind it and how digital products are involved in the process.

Working with Nolte is actually fun. I approached them with a problem I needed solved. I myself don't come from a design or technical background. All I knew was I had a problem requiring both of these skill sets. I'll admit, I went in slightly stressed. To come out the other side with a slick pair of world class e-commerce platforms has been a real joy. I'm glad I trusted in the Nolte process. They're real pro's.
Barry ShawCreator of LitPix

Design, Connect, Lead.