Modern Spaces / Website Case Study

Modern Spaces / Website & Web App

Partnering with a real estate staple to provide long term growth

For over seven years, the Nolte team has served as the digital product team for Modern Spaces providing value and helping their team to grow their business.


Modern Spaces approached Nolte in 2009 to assist in rebuilding a PHP website which was abandoned by their previous agency. We initially provided an audit to identify technical risks on the site. After providing our assessment and gaining an understanding of the Modern Spaces team’s overall business goals, we concluded a redesign of the entire website was necessary. We worked in tandem with their team to migrate, and redesign the site launching in 2010. Through some small search engine marketing wins, we were able to double the traffic for Modern Spaces within three months time.


The main challenge for the Modern Spaces team was having a deficit of technical resources to provide instrumental consulting to help grow their business online. Our team needed to get an understanding of how all of the different user types were making use of the site. In this instance, there are managers, admins, agents and end users who all use the site in different ways.  Gathering feedback and requirements from each user type, while ensuring we did not introduce technical debt or product bloat, was paramount.


The partnership between Nolte and Modern Spaces spans nearly 10 years there have been many initiatives over this timeline that have contributed to the Modern Spaces growth. We have worked with the team to complete over five residential property microsites and two rebuilds of the Modern Spaces site. With Modern Spaces growing from 7 to over 100 employees, we have been able to provide the technical aspects to assist in that growth. The web application we have developed performs many business critical tasks, such as onboarding of new employees and agents, agent listing and neighborhood management, as well as administrative listing features plus much much more.


The largest part of the discovery was to understand all of the specific user types and how they would interact with the web app. Once we developed the specific user personas and understanding of the jobs to be done, we could develop a clear path to the product. Once we had a clear path we worked to connect common features throughout each user type; in the end making the experience for the end user feel seamless.


Our end solution was a web application that provided value to the administrative users, as well as the end users looking to purchase or rent Modern Spaces’ property inventory. We built the site on WordPress and customized many different aspects of the site, including the way data is handled between dependencies. Responsive design allows for all users to have a seamless cross-browser/cross-device experience. End users are provided with many tools to make the buying process intuitive, such as the ability to save and share listings, download a PDF with listing info and most importantly, directly contact an agent to gather more information.


Our end solution was constructed from the ground up for optimal performance, security and usability.  A customized WordPress backend provides complete administration of the site for different users. We included third party integrations to assist in the accessibility of listings through sites such as: StreetEasy, Zillow & New York Times. Additional tools for management were integrated for marketing material requests, promoted listings and other process related tasks.

Design, Connect, Lead.