Montauk Juice Factory / Website, eCommerce Case Study

Montauk Juice Factory / Website & eCommerce

100% Raw & Organic

We worked with the MJF team to help them get their brand online and into the hands of customers during the on and off seasons.


Nolte has worked with Montauk Juice Factory since their ideation phase in 2013. In the summer of 2014, MJF launched their 100% organic juice line in the beach town of Montauk, NY. Montauk Juice Factory contracted Nolte to combine forces with Tom “Bongi” Bongiorno. We worked with Tom and the MJF founders to strategize the creation of an e-commerce website. The project also entailed building a product delivery feature that detected a user’s location and shipping information to automate off-season deliveries.

The Challenge

MJF’s business gets directly impacted as visitors populate to Montauk during the summer and fall months. Many of MJF’s customers live in the NYC metropolitan area which provided the MJF team the opportunity to deliver juice year-round. The only thing missing was technology to empower them to do so.

The Journey

We worked with the MJF team to understand their product, marketing, and overall business in order to build tools that would help them achieve their goals. Consistent delivery allowed us to collaborate with MJF’s team to release the right product at the right time.

Discovery & Strategy

Commonly in most projects, we needed to understand the brand, customer, and market. Moreover, once we understood the issues around off-season accessibility to MJF’s products, we devised a solution that addressed both business and customer pain points.

The Solution

We knew that the user experience, visual design, and functionality were all important pieces of the solution. By leveraging the existing site, we built out a tool that would allow customers to login and enter their location or zip code to determine the specified delivery area. The solution also took into account a customer’s preferred delivery date and time.

The Implementation

Building on top of the existing WooCommerce application, we extended the functionality to support the ordering and delivery of custom products. The implementation is supported across mobile and tablet devices for a seamless user experience.

You know when you meet someone for the first time and in 15 seconds you size them up? I was introduced to Jeff through a friend that works in graphic design, in 15 seconds Jeff explained what his company did and what he would do for us. After that meeting he has made it his mission to help build and support our business, which is exactly what he said he would do in those 15 seconds. Nolte is like a Golf Ball, small, handy and tough but more importantly goes a great distance when you engage with it correctly.
Bret CaretskyCEO Montauk Juice Factory

Design, Connect, Lead.