Print Mor / Web App, eCommerce Case Study

Print Mor / eCommerce & Web app

Leveraging technology to power the highly disrupted printing industry

Print Mor partnered with Nolte to streamline their business by converting their static site to a living, breathing web application which now saves them time and money.


Print Mor is a renowned company located in the Downtown New York City area since the mid 80’s. Victor Ross, the owner of Print Mor, approached Nolte to assist his efforts in scaling his brick and mortar business utilizing technology and design.

The Challenge

Print Mor had a reputable brand and an existing website that served it’s purpose as an informational presence for the local customer base. It was clear that we needed to radically improve the experience of the website and build features that directly added value to the business.

The Journey

We collaborated with the Print Mor team to understand the pains of their customers and come up with some solutions. We established weekly deliverables that entailed user experience design, visual design, development, and quality assurance. We ensured that our cross-functional teams clearly heard Print Mor’s objectives. The order variations and technical complexities also presented additional challenges.

Discovery & Strategy

Operating a printing and graphic design business presents several logistical challenges, such as collecting information, shipping, and payment. Each of those areas needed to be systematized and streamlined.

The Solution

Our solution involved an eCommerce shop integrated into the website and additional features that allowed customers to perform customer tasks such as proofing orders for print production and downloading order templates.

The Implementation

For the design, we extended existing brand assets over to the user interface and experience. We leveraged WooCommerce and WordPress to create a web application to be fully managed by the PrintMor team.

Design, Connect, Lead.