roOomy / Website Case Study


VR technology for Home Furnishing

We partnered with the world’s most forward-thinking 3D/VR home staging company and brought it to the web.


The roOomy team approached Nolte with several objectives, such as marketing and showcasing their 3D/VR technology via the web, to bring their web property in alignment with their mobile app. The first version of the site presented and matched their value propositions to unique customer segments as identified by the roOomy team.

The Challenge

As roOomy’s offering targeted to diverse markets and customer archetypes, we needed to ensure the relevant information was presented to the right people at the right time. We needed to deliver a solution that presented roOomy’s proprietary technology and content in a centralized location by way of a seamless user experience.

The Journey

We kicked off the journey by aligning teams and stakeholders to form a vision of what the final product would become. We collaborated with the roOomy team to present a seamless and scalable solution that addressed current and future goals.

Discovery & Strategy

In our initial discovery, we aligned roOomy’s sales, marketing, product, and technology teams to understand the full picture of what the web application would become and extracted all relevant information to put into the final outcome of the product. Furthermore, our strategy was to deliver proper content and thus convey the respective value propositions to home buyers, sellers, and furnishing retailers all within one space.

The Solution

Our teams needed to deliver a solution that presented the content provided by the roOomy sales, marketing, and product teams. Understanding and managing all of the moving pieces ensured we could deliver on our promise.

The Implementation

We syndicated data through a single platform and still provided a delightful user experience. We delivered an Angular application backed with several data sources including WordPress for content management and roOomy’s API for home furnishings, real estate, and gallery content.

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