Skaled / Website Case Study

Skaled / Website

Upgrading a SaaS-based Sales

Skaled’s web application was no longer serving the needs of business, clients or prospects. Skaled contracted Nolte to assist in bringing them into the future.


Skaled provides training and consultation to B2B companies and Saas-based startups that want to advance the outcomes of their sales teams (i.e. generate meetings and close more deals). After consulting with the Nolte team, it became clear that their existing web application and site was insufficient to promote their next growth phase.

The Challenge

Skaled did not have the proper tools to effectively communicate their value proposition to prospects, partners, and clients alike. We needed to first align with their vision and understand the challenges they faced as an organization to effectively deliver value.

The Journey

We spent several sessions with the Skaled team to work through overall project direction including information architecture, user experience, and visual design. Brainstorming in person with the Skaled team became key in aligning all technology and design decisions with business goals and objectives.

Discovery & Strategy

In order to come up with a proper solution, we needed to understand Skaled’s business intimately. We reviewed much of their internal documentation, case studies, and other previous work done for clients. From the brainstorming sessions, a couple of key features emerged that would add value to prospects and clients while also build brand equity. We created custom animated illustrations to portray Skaled’s work. Furthermore, an expert advisor network and a customized lead generation module were built.

The Solution

The end solution hit upon all the needs of the Skaled team including administrative control, an updated look and feel, and long-term support.

The Implementation

Speed and content were at the forefront of the solution which is why we relied on our LEAN framework to develop the application. Utilizing Angular for the front-end ensured an optimal user experience while WordPress provided complete control of the content.

Design, Connect, Lead.